• 290 Red Hill Road Red Hill VIC 3937 Australia
  • +61 3 5989 7073
  • Open Daily. 10:00am - 5:00pm
  • Glass is oxygen, oxygen is light!

Welcome to Gordon Studio Glassblowers

Learn to Blow glass

Experience first hand the thrill of working with molten glass, Sign up for one of our Glassblowing work shops at the studio.

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Commission a work

At Gordon Studio Glassblowers, we have more than 15 years experience creating custom glass artworks for Government, Corporate and Private individuals.

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Gordon Studio Video

Watch videos and tv appearances by Gordon Studio Glassblowers.

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Hot glass in the Hinterland

Nestled in the picturesque hills of Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, an hour from Melbourne, Gordon Studio Glassblowers gallery and studio caters for those wishing to view and buy an existing work of art glass as well as those interested in having customized hand blown glass art works created to their own specific needs.

Visitors to the studio have the rare opportunity to witness glassblowing from the security and comfort of the light filled viewing mezzanine. Experience the searing heat of the furnaces, observe master glass artisans at work and learn about the ancient art of glassblowing. Please be aware that blowing times vary , and our schedule much like our craft is organic. We recommend when planning your visit to contact the studio to ensure you dont miss out!

About us

Gordon Studio Glassblowers is owned and operated by Australian glass artists Eileen Gordon and Grant Donaldson. Over the years Eileen and Grant have created a wide vocabulary of blown forms, revisiting and refining earlier shapes whilst extending experimentation and their mastery of colour, scale and understanding of the capricious nature of glassblowing.

” My passion for colour and form is greatly inspired by the environment of the Peninsula, its ocean surrounds, delicate sunrises and spectacular sunsets” - Eileen Gordon

“ I feel part of the Australian landscape, so my glasswork is a joyous process of exploration to find new and more challenging ways to express my feelings about it ” - Grant Donaldson

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