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See the blowing room and experience the searing heat of the furnaces from the security and comfort of a light filled viewing mezzanine, where you can observe resident glass artists working with molten hot glass. A truly unique experience to witness the ancient techniques used to work hot glass and shape it with tools, adding colour, blowing air and harnessing gravity to create beautiful art glass forms.

Events at The Studio

Over the course of a year we host a variety of events from hands-on hot glass experiences to glass blowing demonstrations. Including the chance for our guests to create their very own art glass piece.

Some recent events held include our "market eve at the glassblowers series" held through 2007-2008 that brought together leading local vineyards of the region with fine foods and night of fun and demonstration of working hot glass techniques.

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the Art of Hot Glass

Glass blowing is an age old art, a craft whose traditions go back thousands of years, the techniques and tools that remain largely unchanged can be witnessed live at our studio.

Glory Hole

The glory hole is a mini furnace the artist uses to maintain the temperature of the glass in order to manipulate the shape during different stages of developing a piece.

Blowing Iron

There are different types of irons used in glassblowing. The blowing iron is hollow and thicker at one end, allowing glassblowers to blow the shape into the molten glass. The bit iron is used to bring gathers of molten glass from the furnace. the pontil iron is used for finer work and finishing of each piece by hand. This gives us the pontil mark found on handmade art glass.

Tongs and Pincers

Tongs and pincers are used in developing the glass work. they can be used to form lips and spouts, to join handles, to guide the colour patterns, and to manipulate the shape of the glass.

Foot tool

The foot tool is used to shape the feet on the glasses or stemmed bowls. When a globule of hot glass is added to the stem, it is flattened out and formed with this tool.

Visit us for your Art Glass Experience

We welcome all visitors to the studio for the unique opportunity to witness the creation of hand crafted art glass works from conception through to completion. Many of our visitors love the idea of witnessing the production of a work they will own, or enjoy choosing a similar piece from our gallery.
Art glass on display

Gordon Studio Glass Blowers is one hours drive from Melbourne on the Mornington Peninsula. View map here.
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Where to find Us

The gallery and studio is situated just one hours drive from Melbourne on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula. View map . We provide an attractive destination for those wishing to acquire a unique work of art glass whilst visiting the area. Other attractions that may be of interest to those planning a visit include the world renowned vineyards and galleries of the area. For more information and to find local accommodation please visit our links page

Get in Touch

For any request or interest in any of our works please feel free to contact us via our phone, fax, email or postal options listed below.

Address: 290 Red Hill Road. cnr Dunns Creek Road Red Hill VIC 3937 Australia

Phone: +61 3 5989 7073

Fax: +61 3 5989 7072


Glass blower in action
Glory hole in action

blowing hot glass
Blowing glass

glass blower at work
Grant forming with tongs